Fly with Delta Air Lines and Enjoy Free Wi-Fi on Most Planes – Starting February 1

Fly with Delta Air Lines and Enjoy Free Wi-Fi on Most Planes – Starting February 1

“It’s going to be free, it’s going to be fast, and it’s going to be available for everyone,” These words are not ours but Hon’ble CEO of Delta Airlines, Mr. Ed Bastian. Thursday, while attending a Consumer Electronics show in Sin City, Las Vegas, he had an interview where he mentioned that they had invested over one billion dollars in Wifi technologies in recent years, which will pay off starting February 1.

Stay connected even when you’re up in the air! Delta Air Lines is now offering free Wi-Fi to most of its planes starting February 1!

On Thursday, Delta Airlines declared that it would equip over 700 airplanes with T-Mobile’s high-speed, satellite-based broadband technology by the year’s end. Furthermore, it aims to stretch free Wi-Fi to Delta Connection and international flights by the end of 2024. Viasat, a US-based satellite broadband provider, will provide the equipment.

Many airlines are upgrading Internet access on their planes to enable passengers to remain connected or stream entertainment on their electronic devices. Delta’s declaration puts it ahead of its main competitors like American, United, and Southwest, who are all trailing behind JetBlue Airways, which already offers free Wi-Fi to passengers.

Delta made the declaration during the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas. Its CEO, Ed Bastian, stated that the airline is endeavoring to make connectivity on board planes similar to what travelers are used to experiencing on the ground.