Term & Conditions

Skymilesdelta Terms & Conditions

Your accessing skymilesdelta.com and taking our services make your association with our website official as you already confirmed a flight and additional services.

Considering every customer as equally valuable, we have implemented certain terms and conditions on our website to control our customers’ activities. The below terms explain what you must do and what you should avoid on our website. Here we have also explained what the company might do if you engage in unusual behavior that is not allowed. You can avoid using the site if you don’t agree with them.

Using Skymilesdelta Website

Access to the skymilesdelta.com website is entirely subject to your agreement with the company. No registration is required to receive useful information, services, and products available on our website. Also, ensure that your online activity does not affect the website’s business.

To whom does it concern?

In the Terms and Conditions section, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and “Ours”, is only meant to mention the Skymilesdelta website and our team. Whereas “Their”, “Your”, “Yours”, “Theirs”, “You”, or “Customer” means those who are using Skymilesdelta for information like name, date, or any other related term.

General rules

Airfares to various destinations on our website are subject to our conditions, travel laws, and carriage restrictions. Many airlines and we reserve the right to change flight schedules and routes for customers. Our experts explain to our clients the prices and special features of their flights.

Forbidden Practices

Passengers who comply with our terms and conditions may purchase tickets that include various travel segments they cannot use, such as Hidden places or back-to-back tickets, limited by some airlines.

You shouldn’t buy this one-way itinerary when the airline prevents you from purchasing a round-trip ticket to your preferred location.

Cancellation and Refund Terms

Passengers seeking cancellations and refunds will receive a full refund following airline policy. If the passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hours before departure and gets the number of flight services and the ticket fee,

Abuse/Defamation Terms

We do not bear any abuse and defamation. So, it is recommended that you do not attempt unacceptable content on your website. If you sincerely believe in sharing the good things about this site with us, please ensure that users of your services do not interfere in any way with the travel business of this site. We stand ready to assist you in this regard.

User Privacy

Protecting your privacy is important to us whenever you browse our website. Therefore, you must use technical tools to ensure your information is not hacked.

Links to Third Party Websites

For your information, our website contains many links to third-party websites. In fact, we are not an endorser or promoter of any official website. Therefore, before using them, you must agree to their terms of use.

Trademarks and Copyrights

We have a great competition for one of the most famous brands in the travel industry. To stay one step ahead of the competition, we invested heavily in each section of our website. We will not tolerate any copy or duplication of our content for your benefit.

Trademarks & copyrights secure almost every element available on the Skymilesdelta website. You are advised not to use any part of your intellectual property rights in any form for unlawful gain.

Piracy or Violation of Copyrights

If you believe or become aware that any of your content has been copied or reproduced, it may contain or infringe copyright terms; you may send us a notice of copyright infringement by email, which should include the items below.

  • A valid signature.
  • Identify the copyrighted work mentioned.
  • A photocopy for the copyrighted Internet content, including website URLs that point it out.
  • Provide sufficient information to locate copyrighted material, such as the URL or other specific location on the website where B. states the material.

The Contact information

You represent that you have a good faith belief that the appropriate use is not authorized by the owner, agent, or law.

Also, you confirm that the above information in the notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or others authorized by the owner of the copyright.

The contact details we provide will only be for claims related to copyright information; hence, we will not entertain any questions other than the same.

Skymilesdelta always ensures that travelers and other customers have all the information they need. If you have any grievances to submit, you can connect to our customer service office