How do I Speak to a Live Person at Delta Airlines?

delta airlines live person

How Do I contact a Delta representative?

Getting all worked up over a minor glitch in your travel plans is never a solution. You can take a deep breath in those tough times and look for better results. So, when you get into trouble with your Delta airlines flight, you can speak to a Delta Airlines live Person and seek possible answers. They will make sure to provide you with the help that you require.

Delta Airlines has served the passengers for years and never wavered in any situation. The airline has a dedicated team of experts that work 24/7 and wrack their brains to solve the passenger’s queries. In this write-up, you will understand the details of connecting to a Delta Airlines live person for help!

If you wish to start a talk with Delta Airlines live person, you can call +1-800-221-1212 or +1-855-239-7772 and follow the automated voice prompt to connect to the agent available at the customer service office.

How do I connect to a live human at Delta Airlines?

Passengers at Delta can face trouble at any moment in time, but it’s also true that they can have proper solutions for that. The airline has a 24/7 customer service team where you can get in touch with a live human and have immediate help. But how do you connect to a Delta representative for assistance? Let’s wrack our brains to solve the simple mystery!

How do I speak to a live person at Delta airlines?

If you want to be efficient in every step, solving problems should also be efficient. To effortlessly aim for the best solutions, you should choose the perfect way to connect to a Delta Airlines live person, i.e., through a phone call.

To speak to a live airline Person, you need to dial Delta Airlines phone number +1-800-221-1212 or +1-855-239-7772 and follow the instructions from the online voice prompt. Or, you can take a look at these steps below!

How do I speak to a supervisor at Delta over the Phone?

  • Go to Delta Airlines official website and locate the “Contact Us” section.
  • Now, press three from the first prompt or directly say, “Speak to a Delta Airlines live person”.
  • You must wait for 3 to 6 minutes before your call gets through.
  • Finally, you can have all the answers that you seek from the experts.

When you call Delta customer service, the call first connects to an automated voice menu. You need to carefully follow this menu to get the best results from the airline.

What is the Delta Airlines customer service menu?

The automated voice menu begins when you call Delta Customer Service Number and wish to connect to a live expert at the airline. Here are the details:

  • Dial the official number of Delta at 800-221-1212 for any conversations you wish to have.
  • Then, press one if you are on the Delta website.
  • Press 2 for the inquiry on the Delta application.
  • To speak to a live Delta representative, press 3.
  • To know the status of the flight, press 4.
  • Get information about your Delta Skymiles membership, press 5.
  • If you have any other questions, press 6

You already know by this time which number to select and how to speak to the Delta agents. However, a phone call is not the only option to start a conversation with the airline. Be with us till the end of the article, and you will understand how!

Area of Concern


Hours of Operation

General Sales & Services
SkyMiles Members
Flight Information
24/ 7
International Sales or Services800-241-414124/ 7
Refund800-847-0578Mon-Fri 8 am – 7 pm ET
(Closed on Sat-Sun & U.S. holidays)
Baggage800-325-82246:00 am – 12:00 am ET, Mon-Sun
Regarding travel issues and experiences
Delta Airlines official Site
Delta Airlines.
P.O. Box Number 20980
Department 980
Atlanta, 30320-2980
24/ 7
Group TravelReview Group Travel RequirementsFor groups of 10 or more
Accessible Travel Services404-209-343424/ 7
Hearing & Speech ImpairedSend a message to Delta Airlines
Dial 711
Representatives available
6 am – 11 pm ET
Delta Gift Cards800-225-1366 for airfare reservations
800-800-1504 for Delta Vacations packages including airfare
Other inquiries:
24/ 7
Delta Vacations800-800-150424/ 7
Hotels866-204-028024/ 7
Rental Cars














24/ 7

Is Delta on Social Media?

A very good and important question indeed. The answer is yes! You can connect to a Delta Airlines live person through their social media pages. In this digital era, the airline is not falling behind and serves you with the best details. Below are the major social media handles through which you can contact a live Delta representative for help.

You can directly comment or message Delta Airlines through these social media accords and receive the necessary help. Let’s move on to find out more about the ways to contact an expert supervisor at Delta.

Does Delta offer a Live Chat option?

Are you shy to speak on the call? Or do you not have any time for the wait and hold at call? To ensure you get the solutions you seek, you can do a live chat with an agent at Delta customer service team.

How to chat with Delta Airlines?

  • Go to Delta Airlines official website and log in to the contact us section.
  • Find the drop-down menu where you will see the “Connect Via” link option.
  • You will find the chat option available on the same site.
  • You can connect with the Delta chatbot and seek the necessary answers here.
  • The chat will connect to a live Delta expert if there is no other resort.
  • You will receive a reply within seconds if a live person is online.

If no one is available for the Delta Airlines Live chat at that time, the maximum response time is within 10 to 15 minutes.

You can also call delta customer service 24/7 phone number if you have more queries and can not get a proper answer through the chat.

How do I Email Delta Airlines customer service?

If you wish to contact a live person at Delta and also need proof of that conversation for later, use Email messaging. You can send an email to Delta Airlines official customer service team. The steps to send an email are mentioned below:

  • Visit the Delta website and find out the email address for Delta.
  • Compose an email with your subject matter and flight details.
  • Send the email with any possible attachments if available.

The airline responds to the emails within 3 to 5 business days or depending on the urgency of your concern with the airline.

How to contact Delta Airlines in the US and Canada?

Delta Airlines offers assistance for reservations by the language as well. Customers can mainly get help in Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese apart from English. Here are the phone numbers to contact Delta Airlines in these languages.

  • Spanish (En Español) – 800-511-9629
  • Japanese/Chinese (日本語/國語) – 800-327-2850

Delta Phone Numbers for Mexico & Central America Region


Phone Number

Belize Contact Number225-2010
Costa Rica Contact Number0800-016-2002
El Salvador Contact Number2-275-9292
Guatemala Contact Number(502) 2302-5799
Honduras Contact Number2550-1616
Mexico Contact Number01-800-266-0046
Nicaragua Contact Number2254-8130
Panama Contact Number214-8118

Phone Numbers for Delta Customer service in europe


Phone Number

Austria Contact Number+43 (0)1 360 277 3461
Belgium Contact Number+32 (0)2 620 0183
Bosnia-Herzegovina Contact Number+ 385 1 7776 120
Croatia Contact Number+ 385 1 7776 120
Czech Republic Contact Number+420 2 2543 9798
Denmark Contact Number+45 823 32 721
Finland Islands Contact Number+358 (0) 981- 710406
France Contact Number+33 (0) 9 69 39 17 79
Germany Contact Number+49 (0)6 929 993 771

Phone Numbers for Delta Customer service in europe


Phone Number

Austria Contact Number+43 (0)1 360 277 3461
Belgium Contact Number+32 (0)2 620 0183
Bosnia-Herzegovina Contact Number+ 385 1 7776 120
Croatia Contact Number+ 385 1 7776 120
Czech Republic Contact Number+420 2 2543 9798
Denmark Contact Number+45 823 32 721
Finland Islands Contact Number+358 (0) 981- 710406
France Contact Number+33 (0) 9 69 39 17 79
Germany Contact Number+49 (0)6 929 993 771
Greece Contact Number+30 211180 9475
Hungary Contact Number+3614292246
Iceland Contact Number800 9359
Ireland Contact Number+353 16590298
Italy Contact Number+39 02 3859 1451
Macedonia Contact Number+381 11 43 00 372
Montenegro Contact Number+385 1 777 6173
Netherlands Contact Number+31 (0)20 721 9128
Norway Contact Number+47-220-017-01
Poland Contact Number+48(0)225123948
Portugal Contact Number+351-21318-0062
Romania Contact Number+40(0)216550738
Russian Federation Contact Number495-937-9090
Serbia Contact Number+381 11 43 00 379
Slovak Republic Contact Number+421 (0)2 5011 2144
Slovenia Contact Number+386 1 888 86 91
Spain Contact Number+34 913 75 41 46
Sweden Contact Number+46 8 519 92 216
Greece Contact Number+30 211180 9475
Switzerland Contact Number+41 848 000 872
Türkiye Contact Number+90-(0)212-310-19-99
Ukraine Contact Number+38-044-287-35-95 and
United Kingdom Contact Number+44 (0)207 660 0767

Speak with Delta Representatives in Caribbean, Bahamas, & Bermuda


Phone Number

Antigua Contact Number800-221-1212
Aruba Contact Number800-1555
Bahamas Contact Number226-30-6365
Barbados Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
Bermuda Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
Bonaire and Curacao Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
Cayman Islands Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
Dominican Republic Contact Number+(809)-200-9191
Grenada Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
Jamaica Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
Puerto Rico Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
Haiti Contact Number+(509)-28-16-16-66
St. Kitts Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
St. Lucia Contact Number+(800)-221-1212
St. Maarten Contact NumberDutch-546-7616
Operator 001-800-872-2881
and then 800-221-1212
French 0800-225-630
Trinidad and Tobago Contact Number +(800)-221-1212
Turks and Caicos Contact Number
Virgin Islands Contact Number

Contact Delta from the Middle East


Phone Number

Bahrain Contact Number+(973)-17-225-650
Israel Contact Number+(972)-3-513-8000
Sun-Thur from 9 AM to 5 PM
Jordan Contact Number011-962-6-5810400
Kuwait Contact Number965-2-225-7925
Palestine Contact Number-2458
Qatar Contact Number-7796
Saudi Arabia Contact Number-8822584
United Arab Emirates Contact Number+(9712)-671-3033

Delta Phone Contacts in Pacific


Phone Number

Australia Contact Number(1800)-144917
New Zealand Contact Number09-977-2232

Contact Delta Airlines Reservations office in Africa


Phone Number

Cameroon Contact Number+237-342-15-55
Côte d’Ivoire Contact Number+225-20202424
Egypt Contact Number2-(2736)-2030
Ghana Contact Number+233-(0)30-221-3111
Liberia Contact Number+231-(0)6-782-226
Mali Contact Number+223-222-22-12
Kenya Contact Number+(254) 20 4445504
+(254) 20 4445500
+(254) 20 2597800
Mauritania Contact Number+(222)-25-18-02
Morocco Contact NumberFor Operator 002-11-0011,
then 800-221-1212
Nigeria Contact Number01 279 9001
01 279 9000
081 0 580 6366
090 8 677 2849
070 1 099 9897
080 5 116 2067
Namibia Contact Number482-4582
Senegal Contact Number+(221)-33-849-6955
South Africa Contact Number0027 (0) 11 408 8200 (Office)
+27 (0) 86 001 8040 (Office)
0027 (0) 11 388 2584 (Fax)
Togo Contact Number(228)-216-910

Connect to Delta Airlines offices in Asia


Phone Number

Hours of Operation

Cambodia Contact Number011-855-23-221-134
& 334
China Contact Number(400)-120-2364
Language: English/Mandarin
24/ 7
Japan Contact Number(0570)-077733Japanese 9 am – 8 pm,
everyday English 24/7
Malaysia Contact Number6-03-2282-4648 
Philippines Contact Number+63 2 8841 0101 
Singapore Contact Number65-6336-337124/ 7
South Korea Contact Number+82-2-317-5535Korean Mon-fri 9 AM to 6 PM
Thailand Contact Number+662 2535169Thai and English Mon-fri
between 8 AM and 5 PM
Vietnam Contact Number+84435627330

What are Delta Airlines Customer service hours?

Delta is a major US airline that provides its customers with what’s best and never fails to provide for them. So, if you have a concern that needs proper addressing, you can contact a Delta representative through the given phone numbers. Hence, now that you wonder what the customer service hours of Delta are, we can explain that you can easily connect to them 24/7 or as per your regional customer service hours. For more details, you can contact Delta Airlines phone number and get the possible answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delta Airlines have a Live Chat?

Delta is always careful of how customers receive help. Therefore, for the fast-paced passengers, the delta offers a live cat service. Passengers can use the online website to begin a live chat with the experts and enjoy exceptional help from the experts. Usually, the agents respond within seconds to provide customers with what they need.

How Do I Get a hold of Delta Customer Service?

Getting a hold of Delta Customer service is something you can do in plenty of ways. You can either call Delta Airlines or send them a direct message. The airline even responds via email or live chat. So, you can use any of the services.

How Do I Get a Delta Representative Callback?

If you do not want to wait on hold for long, you can request a Delta Airlines callback service from the experts. You need to call the usual way and wait in line. When the call tries to connect with customer service but the line is busy, you get the option to request a callback. You can also do so with the help of email complaints and feedback forms.

How do I message a Delta representative?

You must have the Delta mobile app in order to utilize the text messaging service. After downloading the app, choose “More” from the bottom navigation bar. The menu items are listed here. When you reach the very bottom, the very last choice is “Message Us”.

When is the best time to call Delta Airlines?

The ideal time to call is 7 AM. The Call center wait times are typically 70% shorter before noon (between 5 am and 12 pm). Between 3 pm and 12 am, the wait times are the longest.

What happened to Delta customer service?

You can reach Delta’s customer service department by calling 1 (800) 221-1212. They also offer customer service help at 1 (800) 323-2323. Long back. there was a different phone number to call: 1 (800) 835-9154 which is now closed.

Does Delta have to Compensate for delays?

When your Delta Airlines flight gets delayed because of any problems faced by the airline, you can receive compensation. You will be entitled to full compensation or partially based on the number of hours the flights have been delayed.

How long can a flight be delayed before compensation by Delta?

Generally, Delta airlines offer you compensation when the flights get five or more hours longer. If the times are less than this, you may not be eligible to receive a refund. So, make sure to check with the airline.

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