Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy- Can I Cancel & Refund My Flights?

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

What is the Cancellation and Refund Policy of Delta Airlines?

The sudden change of plans means it’s inevitable, and you must make harsh decisions about your travel. When traveling Delta Airlines, if you can not seem to travel within the said timeline, you have to make cancellations. The Delta Airlines cancellation policy and refund process make you flexible towards your trips, and you can cancel your flights without a hassle.

So, if the current travel dates do not suit you, you can cancel your flights and request a refund as per the Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy. Let’s find out about the process and policies in detail!

What is Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy?

Delta airlines has set up some rules and policies that let customers cancel their schedules and get their booking amount back to the original payment form. The total refund amount depends because the airline may charge you a certain fee for ticket cancellations. Passengers can follow the different rules and terms mentioned below and efficiently cancel their tickets.

Does Delta have free flight cancellations?

Passengers can cancel their flights for free within a risk-free cancellation period by delta. The Delta 24 hours cancellation policy allows you to cancel your tickets within 24 hours of the purchase, but the flight’s departure should be at least after seven days from the booking.

If you follow this timeline, you can cancel the flights, and Delta will provide you with a refund on your original payment form. The US Department of Transportation has set this Risk-free cancellation rule for almost all the airlines in the states.

When you miss the 24-hour free cancellation period or any other condition in this policy does not follow, you are liable to pay a Delta flight cancellation fee as per your ticket type.

How do I Cancel my Delta Airlines Flight Ticket?

If you wish to cancel your flight with Delta Airlines, you should know Delta canceled flights policy. Now that you already know about that, you should know the Delta flight cancellation process. The airline allows you to cancel your flight tickets online and offline. Keep your eyes on the steps ahead and follow them properly to make it happen.

Delta airlines flight cancellation

Delta Flight Cancellation Online

  • You must visit the official site of Delta booking to cancel your flight online.
  • Now, log in to your Skymiles Delta account or simply locate the Manage Trips/my Booking section.
  • Once you enter this page, you can locate your trip with the booking reference number and last name.
  • Find the flight you wish to cancel and select the “Delta Cancel Flight” option.
  • You will see the rules and charges associated with your fare type cancellation. Agree to them and continue.
  • The new page will display the charges to be deducted from your ticket booking amount.
  • You can confirm them and follow the onscreen procedures to complete the ticket cancellation.

On successful ticket cancellation, Delta Airlines will send you a confirmation email to your registered email ID with the refund request link if you are eligible.

Delta Flight Cancellation through Customer Service

Passengers can also cancel their tickets through phone calls. To cancel their flights, they can dial the Delta customer service number 1 (800) 221-1212 and connect to a live person through voice prompt instructions. The expert on the other side of the call will help you cancel your tickets and arrange a refund request. You can ask this agent for any further help if you need and he will be available 24/7 for you.

Let’s look further at Delta Airlines ticket cancellations according to your ticket type and time of cancellation in extra detail.

How can one Cancel an Award Ticket?

Passengers who hold the award ticket can cancel it in no time. People can make the cancellation by heading to the official site.

Travelers can find out detailed information on Delta Airlines’ cancellation policy when using miles by heading to the official site of the airline.

The step-by-step guide for it is as follows-

  • Start by logging into your Skymiles account. Enter the correct credentials.
  • Once the reservation opens up, click the “modify flight” option.
  • Go ahead, follow the steps, and finally, tap on the ” cancel option.”
  • Within a few hours, the airline will refund the miles in your account.

What are my rights if I cancel a flight?

  • If you cancel a flight, you are generally entitled to a full refund, depending on the airline’s policies.
  • In some cases, you may also be entitled to a partial refund or a voucher for future travel.
  • Reviewing the airline’s cancellation policy before booking a flight is important, as some airlines may have different policies regarding how refunds are handled.
  • Additionally, if you purchased flight insurance, you may be eligible for additional compensation for canceled flights.

Are refundable flights actually refundable?

Yes. If a passenger has a refundable Delta ticket, he can easily cancel a flight and request a refund for his tickets. Here are the details:

  • The ticket cancellation will be free of charge.
  • The refund will be provided to the original payment form.
  • You can also request a refund for unused portions of your tickets.

Passengers can check their Delta refund status online through the official site or call the Delta customer service phone number.

Delta Non-Refundable Flights

If you have a non-refundable ticket or you wish to make a Delta Basic economy cancellation, you can do so for a certain fee. Delta Airlines will allow you to cancel your non-refundable tickets up until 24 hours before the departure time. Your cancellation charges will depend on your ticket type, time of cancellation, and the route or destination.

How much are the Delta Airlines Cancellation Fees?

The table below will clearly explain how much you need to pay if you cancel your Delta airlines flights and need a refund.

Cancel Time Basic Economy Refundable Fares Non Refundable Fares
Within 24 hours of the booking Free of Cost Free No charges
After 24 hours of Delta booking

charge b/w 99 and 199 USD

Remaining value refund

Cancellation fee of 0 to 400 USD

Remaining value refund

Fully refundable
When only 24 hours are left in the departure

Cancellation fee of 99 to 199 USD

Rest amount refund

A 0 to 400 USD charge

Refund of remaining charge

No cost at all

The airline usually advises the customers to cancel their tickets within their 24-hour risk-free period to totally avoid the cancellation charge or get refundable tickets for flexible cancellations.

How to avoid cancellation fees?

Last-minute emergencies might arise at any time. If any traveler comes across a situation because of which they have to cancel their reservation, they would wish to avoid paying any additional fee.

There are some points that one must keep in mind so that one does not have to incur these charges.

  • Firstly, make sure that you cancel the reservation within the risk-free period, i.e., 24 hours.
  • Furthermore, earning the Delta Medallion Elite status lets travelers avoid this fee. Delta does not charge the cancellation fee from the passengers who hold this status. So, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum Medallion are exempted from it.
  • Delta may not charge you the fee in situations like death and serious illness. Contact the travel representatives about it, and they will let you know about it in detail.
  • According to the Delta Airlines trip cancellation policy, individuals who book refundable tickets do not have to pay the cancellation charges. Thus, it is a good idea to book this type of ticket.

How Does Delta Handle Different Ticket Cancellations?

Are you worried about your upcoming Delta Airlines flight? The Covid-19 pandemic has made travel more complicated than ever before, making it difficult to plan trips in advance. Fortunately, Delta Airlines has a variety of cancellation policies that can make the process easier, depending on your situation.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Due to COVID

The airline’s  COVID-19 Cancellation Policy allows customers to cancel their flights without penalty if they purchased a ticket on or before March 1, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers can also receive a refund or credit for a future flight. Delta Airlines may also waive certain change fees for customers who purchased tickets before March 1, 2020, and cannot travel due to the pandemic. Customers should contact Delta Airlines directly for more information.

Delta Airlines Medical Cancellation Policy

Delta understands that medical issues can arise unexpectedly, and they are willing to make accommodations for passengers who are unable to travel due to medical reasons. To receive a full refund for your flight, you must provide the airline with a doctor’s note or other documentation stating why you are unable to travel. The documentation must be dated within seven days of the flight’s scheduled departure. If you cannot provide documentation, Delta Airlines may provide a credit or travel voucher instead of a full refund.

Delta Airlines Award Ticket Cancellation Policy

If you’ve booked an award ticket on Delta Airlines and need to cancel it, you will be charged a cancellation fee of up to $200 per ticket. However, if you cancel your flight at least 21 days before the flight’s scheduled departure date, you will receive a full refund of your airfare minus any taxes and fees already paid.

Delta Airlines Military Cancellation Policy

Delta Airlines recognizes the important service of military personnel and offers a special cancellation policy for active duty and retired military personnel. To receive a full refund on your flight, you must provide Delta Airlines with a valid military ID or other documentation that proves your military status. You must also cancel your flight at least seven days before the flight’s scheduled departure date to receive a full refund.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Due to Weather Issues

Delta Airlines will waive all cancellation fees if a weather-related issue causes your flight to be delayed or canceled. However, if you choose to cancel your flight due to weather-related concerns, you will not be eligible for a refund. Instead, you will receive a credit or travel voucher that can be used for a future flight.

Can I get my money back if I cancel my flight?

You can get your money back, but you need to know your flight’s refund policy before you request it. When a passenger cancels his/her flight, the next option he has is to request a flight refund. But how do you request a Delta Airlines refund for your canceled tickets? Keep reading to find it out in detail!

Delta Airlines Flight Refund Policy

Passengers can get a refund for their flight tickets if they follow these important airline ticket refund policy highlights.

  • Delta Airlines provides a full refund for canceled tickets within 24 hours of the booking scheduled to depart at least 7 days after that time. This is Delta risk-free cancelation period, and you need not worry about losing your refund.
  • Your refund amount will be to the original form of payment if you cancel tickets in the risk-free period.
  • If you have a refundable ticket, the refund amount will be in full for all the unused parts of your flight ticket.
  • For non-refundable tickets, you will only get a refund after deducting the cancellation charges.
  • Your total refund depends on the time you booked the flight, your ticket type, your class of travel, and the mode of purchase.
  • Passengers can fill out a refund request form or call a Delta Airlines live person to request their refund.
  • Delta will offer a refund within seven days of requesting it for credit card purchases.
  • If you made the flight purchase with cash or cheque, the refund could take up to 20 days for getting a refund.

Additional details on getting a full refund for the non-refundable fares:

  • Death of the immediate family member
  • Involuntary flight cancellation from the airline’s end
  • Delays in ticket departures

How long will it take to process my online refund request?

You will get a refund according to your ticket type and its rules. Here are the underlying details:

  • Passengers may clear any fees or penalties to get this refund.
  • Once you receive a refund, your tickets get automatically canceled.
  • Delta Airlines tries its best to provide you with ticket refunds within a business week.
  • The refund can take up to two billing cycles to display on your card statements.
  • Use your ticket number or account credentials to check eCredits as they are processed right away.
  • eCredits will appear in your account on and can also be retrieved using your ticket number.
  • Tickets converted to eCredits will appear in your account on and can also be retrieved using your ticket number.
  • If you paid via cash or cheque, your refunds will take up to 20 business days to process.
  • International refunds usually take more time to process than normal refunds

Can you cancel a flight within 24 hours of departure?

No, you cannot cancel a flight within 24 hours of departure. Airlines usually have a strict policy regarding canceling flights within 24 hours of departure, and most will not allow it. However, some airlines like Delta may be more flexible and allow you to cancel a flight within 24 hours of departure. It’s best to contact the airline directly and inquire about their policies on flight cancellations.

The rules for canceling a Delta flight depend on the fare type that you have purchased, whether you have a refundable or non-refundable ticket, and if you have made any changes to your flight.

  • Generally, if you have a non-refundable ticket, you may be able to receive a travel credit or refundable ticket, depending on the fare type, with certain restrictions.
  • If your flight has not been changed or canceled prior to the 24-hour deadline, you will be eligible for a full refund.

Please contact Delta Airlines customer service directly to confirm your options and cancel flights.

So, how much time do you have to cancel a Delta flight?

You can cancel a Delta flight up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time without incurring a cancellation fee. However, one will be charged a cancellation fee if they cancel within 24 hours of departure. Cancel your flight online or by calling the airline directly.

Cancel flights and Get Ticket Refunds immediately

Not each of your flight tickets is eligible for a refund in full. But you can follow a simple series of steps to cancel your Delta reservation and obtain a full or partial refund. Delta Airlines cancellations and refunds are easily possible, but not for Basic economy tickets, as after 24 hours, you can only get a Delta Flight Credit for future travel.

So, if you need additional information on canceling a Delta flight and getting a refund, you can call Delta Airlines phone number and receive the details from experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does flight cancellation work on Delta?

Once you have made a booking with Delta, you have 24 hours to cancel it, if required. Canceling your ticket within this risk-free period gives you a full refund without any cancellation fee. It includes Basic Economy tickets as well.

How do I know if my Delta ticket is refundable?

Simply check your ticket to find out if your Delta flight ticket is refundable or not. The word “Nonrefundable” is mentioned next to the cabin name in My Trips. If not, you have a refundable ticket.

What is Delta’s cancellation fee for Basic Economy?

The Basic Economy cancellation fee ranges from $99 to $199 after a 24 hours risk-free cancellation period. The amount is deducted from the cost of your ticket. You will then get a refund as an eCredit. Use it to book a flight later on.

What is the difference between economy and fully refundable?

Unlike Basic Economy and regular Economy tickets, flexible fare tickets are refundable with no questions asked. However, if you decide to change flights instead of requesting a refund, you may be required to pay additional fees.

Does Delta owe you money if they cancel your flight?

If Delta cancels a flight less than 14 days from its flight departure, you are eligible to get Delta Airlines flight cancellation compensation. It is $700 per person.

How quickly does Delta refund?

Mostly, Delta Airlines process your eligible credits and refunds within 7 business days. After it is processed, it may take up to two billing cycles to reflect the refund in your credit/debit card statement. For eCredits, check your account on the official Delta website. You can also retrieve it with your ticket number.

What is the next step if you cancel a non-refundable flight?

You have to pay a cancellation fee, which varies from $200 to $500 if you cancel your non-refundable flight after 24 hours of booking. Cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking to avoid the cancellation fee.
However, the cancellation fee varies as per the destination chosen. The refund is made as eCredit to be used for future flights.

Does Delta waive the cancellation fee?

Delta waives the cancellation fee under certain circumstances. The fee will be waived under the following circumstances-

  • In case your flight falls under the covid travel waiver.
  • When you bought the ticket directly from the airline and not any third party agent.
  • When the flight gets delayed for more than 90 minutes, and then you decide to cancel it.
  • Death of the co-passengers or the passenger takes place.
  • The flyer has the award ticket, and they are Platinum and Diamond, the Medallion member.

How can flyers redeem their credit?

Go ahead to redeem your credit by visiting the airline’s official site or enter

Does Delta have a 72-hour cancellation policy?

No, Delta Airlines has not laid down a 72-hour cancellation policy.

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