What is Delta Airlines Seat Selection Process?

What is Delta Airlines Seat Selection Process?

Delta Airlines Seat Selection

How to Select a Desired Seat on Delta Airlines Flight?

Seat selection is simple with Delta Airlines. If you have a flight booking with Delta or are planning on booking one, you can select a desired seat on the plane without any hassle. The airline lets you choose a seat according to your cabin preference and your budget. You can choose a seat while you are booking or after you have booked your flight through My Trips.

So, before you are ready to confirm your travel at check-in, read below the details on seat selection and choose your seats with Delta Airlines. You can find complete details on selecting and confirming your desired seats on the plane below!

What is the process for Delta Airlines Seat Reservations?

As we already mentioned, Delta allows you various options for seat selection. Below, you will find the general process for seat reservations while you are booking your flights. Take a closer look at the steps and follow the exact instructions to secure your seats:

  • Open the Delta Airlines official website (www.delta.com).
  • Go to the booking section.
  • Enter your preferred travel details.
  • Provide your desired date and time.
  • Search for flights.
  • Select a flight option you like and continue.
  • Find the “Select Seats” option.
  • Select an available seat from the seat map.
  • Continue to add passenger information.
  • Complete the process with final payments.

You will receive a booking confirmation email with your seat information and a reference number to make changes to anything you like in the future. You can also upgrade or change your seats depending on your preferences later through My Trips. In case you forget to choose a seat at the time of booking, you can get one later through the manage booking. Keep reading to understand the details better.

Select Delta Airlines Seats After Booking

  • Open your desired browser.
  • Visit the Delta Airlines official website (www.delta.com)
  • Click on ‘My Trip’ on the home page
  • Now fill in your details correctly as per the needs
  • Proceed by clicking on the red button given on the right
  • Now click on the ‘select seat’ option
  • Go through the available seats of your choice and select them.
  • Confirm your seats according to your requirements and compliance.
  • Make the needful payment by following the process given on the site and confirming your tickets.

How to pick seats on Delta flights after check-in?

If you have already checked in for your flights and still haven’t chosen your seats, it means the airline will alot you an available seat at random. But, if you are about to check-in, you can choose a desired seat onboard during the process. Here are the details:

  • Head to the official site of Delta Airlines.
  • Use your credentials to log in to your account.
  • Click the “check-in” option.
  • Fill in your booking details as promoted.
  • You will see your booking on the screen.
  • Go ahead to follow the prompts to check-in.
  • You will find the seat selection page.
  • Open the seat map and select an available seat
  • Confirm the seats that you have selected.

The airline will send you the confirmation about your seat selection through email.

Understand the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Options

Delta Airlines allows you to book your seats while booking, after you have booked your seats, and even at check-in. However, which seat is available for selection depends. Here are some of the details:

Type of Seats During Booking After Booking While Check-in Available for Upgrade
Basic Economy Not available for selection Can’t choose Only after check-in Direct bookings only
Main Cabin Yes Yes Allowed if available Can upgrade if eligible
Premium Select Yes Yes Yes From Main cabin or basic economy
Delta One or First Class Yes Yes Available From any lower cabin
Preferred seats Within US and Canada(not with basic economy) Yes Yes, but at least 4 hours before the departure You can not upgrade to these seats

Remember that once you have picked a seat, you can not change them as you like. Also, preferred seats have many restrictions, so check with your airline agent or on the official website to see if you can select your desired seating options or not. For more details, call Delta seat selection phone number and connect with the experts.

How Much Does it Cost to Select Seats on Delta Flights?

Generally, Delta does not charge you anything to choose your seats. However, if you select Basic Economy options, you can’t get a seat up until you check-in for your flight. You can not choose seats before you have checked in for your flight.

Delta has ruled out the possibility of letting you choose a seat for around $15 if you are booking flights 7 days before departure. But it depends. Rather than that, you can pay a small amount and upgrade to a higher cabin class for free seat selection rather than choosing a basic cabin with restrictions.

Can I Make an Advance Seat Selection for Free?

Yes. Delta Airlines will allow you to select your seat free of charge for all Main Cabin and above flights. Except for basic economy, where seat selection is not possible until after check-in, you have full freedom to choose from an available seat on the seat map without any fee.

Check with a Delta Airlines customer service representative for seat selection details and make sure you can fly without a hassle.

Important Rules for Seat Selection

Although Delta Airlines offers a convenient seat selection process you need to go through these rules before you select your seat for your flight.

  • You can not choose any seat after you have checked-in for flights.
  • You can only select your desired seats in the cabin you book or you must upgrade to a higher cabin for an extra cost.
  • If you do not select a desired seat on time, you will be assigned a seat randomly at check-in based on availability.
  • If your desired seat is not available, you can choose another one from the available seats.
  • If you select main cabin seats, you get added flexibility to your booking.
  • First-Class and Delta One passengers enjoy priority boarding.
  • Basic Economy seats are ineligible for change.
  • Not every customer is eligible to sit in the exit row.
  • You can upgrade your cabins except for basic economy.

For more information, you can contact a Delta Airlines agent and inquire about the available seats and the applicable rules.

Final Say

That’s all for Delta Airlines’ seat selection process. After checking the outlined rules, you can easily prepare for your next flight with Delta and find a seat you are comfortable in. Check with the customer service team at the airline’s office for better information and plan a comfortable journey in your desired seat at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can You Select Seats on Delta’s Main Cabin?

Yes, seat selection on Delta Airlines’ main cabin is free with your booking and then through My Trips.

Does Delta Assign Seats at the Gate?

Yes, if you do not select a seat and there is no seat number on your boarding pass, you get a Delta seat selection at the boarding gate. The airline allows this whenever there is a Change of Aircraft, Technical Error, Overbooked Flights, or Emergency Exit Row occupied by unqualified passengers.

How can I inquire about My Seat Confirmation on Delta?

You can enquire about your Delta Airlines seat selection status by calling on the official customer service number i.e 1 (800) 221-1212. Or Visit the official website to learn more about the seat selection procedure.

Can you buy seats on Delta basic economy?

No, you can not select seats on your basic economy bookings with Delta. Even if you are ready to pay a seat selection fee for choosing your favorite seat on the basic economy fare of Delta Airlines, it is not available

Will Delta seat me and my child together in Basic Economy?

It’s almost impossible. So, you should better choose economy plus or higher cabin seats when flying with children. Remember to check the seat availability before checking in for the flights to see if any passengers have canceled, and a previously occupied seat is available for you to choose from.

What if there is no Seat number on my Delta Boarding pass?

If your boarding pass does not include a seat number, don’t worry. Before boarding, you will be assigned a Delta basic economy seat at the gate.