Delta Airlines First Class Experience

Delta Airlines First Class Experience

Delta airlines first class

Delta First Class- Cabins, Upgrade Options and Inflight Amenities

If you are a passenger who prefers a top-notch experience over a flight where you are jet-lagged right after you land, you can choose Delta Airlines. The excellent carrier offers you luxurious amenities and comfortable seats even for domestic flights. You can book a Delta Airlines first-class seat and make sure you have all the amenities you need on a flight.
Moreover, flying first class means you get some additional perks from the airline. Delta airlines is always trying to enhance customer satisfaction and this cabin is a perfect example to their commitment. Read below to find out more about Delta Airlines first class cabins and how to upgrade your seats.

Does Delta Have a First Class Like Other Airlines?

Yes, as mentioned already, Delta does offer a first-class cabin; however, unlike other carriers, Delta does not offer it on all major international routes. You can find this premium cabin experience on flights originating from the USA or Canada (mainly domestic flights).

Unlike the first class on many major airlines, this domestic first-class cabin offers an 8-inch stretch-out seat with more legroom than in Delta main cabin. The other highlight is their 11-inch seatback screen to make your journey worthwhile.

How Do I Book a Delta First Class Ticket?

Booking a Delta Airlines First Class fare is simple. You can visit their website or consult a Delta Customer service representative to request your booking. Let’s get into the step-by-step process of booking your flights:

  • Log in to the official Delta website (
  • Enter the Booking tab and provide details.
  • Choose Departure and Destination.
  • Select your preferred travel dates.
  • Provide the number of passengers.
  • Choose your travel class as First.
  • Select whether you want a 100% refundable option or not.
  • Confirm everything and provide passenger details.
  • Pay for the flight.

The airline has refundable and nonrefundable first class as it is for domestic flights only. So, you can choose an option depending on your requirements and travel plans. After confirming your payments, Delta will send you a confirmation email to your registered ID.

Other Ways to Book Your First-Class Tickets

  • You can also call Delta Customer Service at +1-855-239-7772 (OTA) or 1-800-221-1212 to book tickets in first-class cabins. Take help from an airline executive and confirm your reservations with the airline.
  • Another way is to visit the Delta Airlines Airport desk directly to request a first-class booking from their booking agents.

Can I Upgrade an Existing Booking to Delta First Class?

Yes, you can. Delta Airlines also allows customers to upgrade their Main Cabin or Comfort+ tickets to First class or higher cabins. If you wish to upgrade your seats to first class, you can use cash or Mileage rewards depending on your needs. Let’s see what are the different ways to upgrade your seats to First Class:

Upgrade During Booking

For eligible flights within the 50 USA States, you can request an upgrade while you are making Delta reservations online or through its mobile app. If your booking is eligible for upgrades, you can find the option in your trip summary under the My Trips section. (Basic Economy Tickets are not eligible for upgrades while booking)

Upgrade Via Manage Booking

You can even upgrade your existing Delta Airlines flight via the manage booking service. You can use your skymiles balance or cash to upgrade an existing Delta flight under My Trips.

Upgrade with Miles

Delta Medallion Members and One Travel Companions are usually eligible for unlimited upgrades to Delta First Class and Comfort+ free of cost. However, you can also use your accumulated miles balance to choose to upgrade your seats.

Call the Delta Reservations team to get additional help in upgrading seats on Delta Airlines flights.

Note: Delta First Class and Delta One are distinct, and you must not confuse them as one.

What Do I Get on a Delta First Class?

To be precise, a Delta First Class Cabin offers you premium services and amenities that you do not find anywhere else. You can choose this product and enjoy the following:

  • Wider and More Spacious Seats
  • Flight Change or Cancellation flexibility
  • SkyPriority Service

These are just a small part of the benefits you can get when booking first-class seats with the airline. You can make a Delta Airlines booking and experience them yourself rather than read about them.

How is the Delta First Class Experience?

Those who have flown Delta First Class on its different planes vouch that this class is nothing sort of ordinary. You can experience premium air travel in their carefully designed fleet. Although the first-class cabins on many planes are more than six years old, they still look as good as new. So, your overall experience is going to be a great one. Let’s show you in detail how!

Airport Experience with First-Class Delta Tickets

Flying first-class means the good things begin even before you board a Delta plane. You get benefits like:

Sky Priority Service

This benefit allows passengers to enjoy an accelerated check-in process and a speedy security check. In simple terms, they reach the gate faster than other customers. There is a dedicated Sky Priority lane for passengers with first-class Delta bookings.

Baggage Handling

Similar to the check-in and security, you can also expedite the baggage service. You can check and retain your baggage first. The airline also allows two free checked bags to each first-class customer.

Early Boarding

You can board first with your ticket and have enough time to settle in your seat as others wait to board the plane. This helps you make the most of your first-class experience with Delta.


You can get access to Delta Sky Lounge wherever available with your international booking in first class. There are plenty of complimentary drinks and snack options also available.

What Do You Get Onboard?

Once you are on the plane, you are up for some real fun. Here are the details of onboard amenities with your reservations in first class:

  • It has spacious seating with 8 inches of extra legroom compared to the main cabin seating.
  • There is up to a 5.4-inch recline on each seat and comfortable armrests.
  • An 11-inch screen on many routes to enjoy free entertainment and complimentary earbuds for 1000+ hours of your favorite shows from the seatback screen.
  • A dedicated flight attendant will give you personalized assistance.
  • Seasonal food and beverages based on flight distance
    • 900 miles or below Premium snacks and beverages
    • 900-2299 miles: chef-made breakfast, lunch, or dinner in addition to snacks.
    • 2300+ miles- Fresh Meal Service the whole day with premium snacks.
  • Free Wi-Fi access on almost all the planes.
  • A premium drink menu specially made for first-class customers on Delta Airlines.

So, no matter whether you fly for fun or business, you can enjoy all these amenities for a first-class ticket fare on Delta Airlines. Are you eager to plan your vacation yet? Try booking your tickets now!

Final Say

So, to keep the Luxury and Comfort, you must choose Delta First Class seats. You can book your tickets directly or upgrade the seats now. Remember to request them before check-in, and you can get the maximum benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What amenities are offered in Delta Airlines First Class?

Delta Airlines first class offers special amenities which begin before the boarding. You get sky priority service, extra legroom, more space to stretch, priority baggage and check-in etc.

Can I upgrade my ticket to Delta Airlines First Class?

Yes, you can upgrade from a Delta premium economy/ main cabin to first class on domestic flights where it is available for a small fee payable in cash or miles balance.

What is the baggage allowance for First Class passengers on Delta Airlines?

First class passengers can bring up to two free checked bags onboard with their general carry-on allowance. You can enjoy expedited service which also delivers your bags first to you.

What dining options are available in Delta Airlines First Class?

Delta Airlines guarantees first class passengers ultimate food options be it short, medium or long haul flights. You can get snacks, coffee, wine, meals options, etc.

Is there a dedicated check-in and boarding process for First Class passengers on Delta Airlines?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows customers to make priority check-in and they can board before others. So, you get to enjoy the perks before you are actually on the plane.

Are there any additional perks for Delta Airlines First Class passengers?

Apart from the excellent food, priority boarding and check-in, Delta Airlines also offers its first class passengers unlimited entertainment on 11-inches seatback screens. You can even earn more miles than in basic economy and main cabin bookings.