How Does Delta Airlines Baggage Policy Work?

How Does Delta Airlines Baggage Policy Work?

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

While you pack your bags, you are mentally prepared for the baggage security at the airport. The Delta Airlines baggage policy works with you and for your baggage, as you need to update the number of bags that you are carrying with you while traveling. You need to fill in the baggage quantity from Delta app, or the official site by visiting the baggage policy section before leaving. If you are already check-in, then carry your bags and drop them in the baggage section.

How Much Do I Have To Pay For My Baggage At Delta Airlines?

If you are not a premium flyer and traveling in the main cabin within the USA, then you have to pay the baggage fee. If you are not, have a Delta sky miles account, American Express card, Medallion status, or Active military then you have some expectations:

  • You have to pay $30 for your first checked bag and it should be under 50 lbs (23kgs). As you are allowed to carry along one free baggage and personal item.
  • Pay $40 for your second baggage, which should be under 50 lbs (23kgs). You can not carry any extra baggage for free after that.
  • The size of the baggage should not exceed (158cms) 62 inches in total.
  • You can visit carry-on baggage to find the size requirements of your baggage.
  • For premium members like American Express, SkyMiles Delta, etc, the first checked-in baggage is free.
  • The baggage price each way is different. It completely depends on the route and travel baggage policies.
  • Travelers flying on domestic routes can redeem their sky miles on baggage check-in for extra discounts.

Make your trip easy and stress-free by using Delta airlines baggage policy. This helps you to save time and gives your extra minutes for leisure and refreshments at the airport.

What Are the Excess Baggage Regulations I Need to Obey As a Delta Traveler?

Bringing one or two bags, or even 3-10 isn’t a problem. But you should keep in mind to check in every baggage before starting the journey. It is important to take care of your bags and Delta helps you completely in that. The Delta Check-in baggage fees, depend on the size, weight, and limitations of the units you are carrying.

Here are some excess baggage regulations, you should need to know before boarding your Delta Flight:

  • The baggage check-in limit is up to 10 bags per passenger. It is checked by the Delta baggage department or Delta shuttle at the airport.
  • You can check up to 4 bags on Delta carrier flights or Delta connections.
  • We exceptionally limit the excess baggage policy, if such excess bags stops us to transport 2 bags per passenger on Delta flights.
  • If you love to learn more about excess baggage and limitation guidelines, then you can visit the Embargoes and Limitations page on Delta official website (
  • The Delta connection offers baggage acceptance based on space availability. Your baggage is transported on the next available flight if the present flight is full
  • If you are a media person then your camera, lights, and every piece of equipment will be accepted under the tender of local filming companies, and television broadcasting companies. For that, you need to visit the media bags section of Delta Airlines baggage policy for more info.
  • Any bag that does not meet the requirement of the ticketed baggage itinerary, will be accepted on a standby basis.
  • If any bag does not meet our size and weight restriction requirements, then the baggage is handled under special supervision and additional fees.

The mentioned excess baggage itinerary can only be accepted if your belongings meet the above requirements.

How To Enquire About Delta Airlines Baggage Fees?

Delta is the Airlines that has created a benchmark for every other airline in the aviation industry. Their policies are much easier to follow and offer utmost safety and security to their customers. The Delta Baggage fees are applicable for every domestic or international flight, and to confirm its policies you can call on the Delta Airline baggage policy number i.e 1800 123 6645.

You can also visit the official website of Delta and email us your queries, for knowing your baggage status. If you wish to chat with our delta executive then you can go for a live chat option on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bags does Delta allow for free?

Flyers can bring one personal item and one carry-on item for free on the flight. However, you may have to pay for carry-on bags on flights other than Delta.

Do I get a free checked bag with Delta?

You will have to pay an applicable fee to travel with checked bags on the flight. For the first checked bag, $30 will be charged on all domestic and international flights. To travel with a second checked bag, you will have to pay $40.

What is allowed as a personal item?

As a personal item, you can bring a small backpack, a laptop bag, a purse, a tote, etc. Pastes, gels, or liquids are not allowed in bottles.

Can I take deodorant on a plane carry-on?

Yes, you can take stick deodorant in a carry-on bag. Flyers can even take crystals and powders in their carry-on bags.

How will Delta ensure that my baggage will arrive with me?

The airline asks you for outside personal identification details and puts them on all checked bags. These details will make sure that you will get your baggage with you. Moreover, Delta also recommends inside identification details in case they lose the outside identification details.

Where can I complain about my lost baggage?

Delta has a specific department to handle all your baggage-related queries. Visit the Delta lost and found department immediately if your baggage has been lost.

How many bags can I carry-on?

You can travel with one carry-on bag for free on all Delta-operated flights. For other flights, you may have to pay a small fee for it. Additionally, you can bring a small personal item as well without any charges.

Can I claim bonus miles if my bag arrives late?

Yes, you can easily claim your bonus miles if your bag arrives late. Complete the form on the airline’s official site within 3 days of your flight arrival.