Delta Airlines Browser Compatibility

Delta Airlines Browser Compatibility

Delta Airlines Browser Compatibility

Need information on web browsers? Well, whenever a person uses something on WWW, it’s important to know whether a website is supported on the browser you use. Sometimes, you try to open a particular website, but its User Interface is different or unusual. This may happen because of an internal glitch on the website, or your web app might be at fault. If the website is the issue, there’s not much you can do. But, while accessing Delta Airlines, knowing about the Browser Compatibility may help you use the website better.

Simply, an easy-to-enjoy experience has a key, i.e., your websites being accessible on the browsers you have currently on your devices.

Which Web Browsers does Delta Recommend?

Delta Airlines recommends you use a specific browser with the configuration mentioned ahead. If you are accessing the site these browsers will be best suited:

Browser Version Compatibility
Google Chrome 79.0 or higher
Apple Safari 12.1 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 78.0 or higher
Microsoft Edge 79.0 or higher

How can you optimize your Browser Preferences?

If you want Delta Airlines official site to be fully functional when you use it, make sure that your browser has cookies enabled along with JavaScript. Suppose there is even one of them set as disabled, you may not b able to use it.

Also, when you use an incompatible browser or an older version of it, you may not fully enjoy accessing the Delta website. Make sure your delay is not more than 10 minutes to have the best experience of using Delta com.

Important Note: Some pages do require the Adobe Reader Plugin available to download for free.

What are the common issues related to Browsers?

Are you unable to check your website properly? If there are any browser issues that you haven’t expected on your end, check the list of issues mentioned below. The Delta website will be accessible easily if you are able to tackle them all.

Unsupported-Old Version Browsers

People who are unable to access the Delta site are usually using the browser version which is older and not currently supported on the website. It is also the reason the results show extorted graphics sometimes.


If cookies are not enabled on the browser, you can not ensure an optimal user interface from the website. You have to enable them in order to be effective.

Time Outs/Expired Sessions

Sessions on end when you leave the site or are inactive for security reasons. The majority of currently has session timeouts of 30 minutes, whereas online check-in has a 10-minute timeout. When you return to, you’ll typically be transported to the start of the assignment you want to complete.

Blocked Pop-Ups

Usually, pop-ups are blocked only because of an external pop-up blocker installed on your device which can restrict some of the website functions.


Also, the Firewall at your home or office, and its valuable network settings impact the capacity to use the Delta website effectively.

In case, you want more assistance related to Web Application accessibility. Or, if you wish to know about Delta Airlines Browser Compatibility, contact a Delta representative for the best answers.