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Delta airlines Group Travel

Did you know? Delta Airlines is among the world’s biggest airlines. Connecting over 300 destinations, it has earned a huge customer base all across the continents. If you have travel plans with your loved ones or colleagues, choose group booking instead of individual reservations. Here, count on Delta Airlines Group Travel for a smooth experience. Also, grab perks on your group travel option. 

Are you planning for a group trip? Leave your travel concerns with Delta Airlines. 

What is Delta Airlines Group Travel?

Group travel is one of the best services that Delta Airline offers. It facilitates flyers with a plethora of advantages so that they can have a delightful experience. Various group travelers can avail this service. 

If you are flying in a group of 10 or more on the same flight, look no further than this airline. Whether on a family vacay, with friends, or an official trip; go for the group travel facility. Book seats for all at once, rather than doing that for each individual. You are also sure to be seated together and need not worry about having scattered seating, just in case. 

Why to Go with the Group Travel Option of Delta Airlines?

Customers can save their time and money with Delta Group Travel. You are assured of the cheapest prices with group booking. Also, this option gives you more flexibility since you are free to make required flight changes without any additional cost. 

One of the major USPs of  the Group Travel program is that you can get your booking confirmed at just a little deposit amount. This simplified reservation process makes your travel easier.  Furthermore, all the passengers of a group have their seats under one ticket. 

If you have flexible travel dates, this program is meant for you. Religious groups, family groups, school groups, sports groups, and corporate groups are some of the passenger types who have the ease of group traveling with Delta Airlines. 

Delta Group Travel for Corporate Groups

Those traveling in a business/corporate group can go for Delta Meeting Network. This facilitates corporate group bookings. Covering more than 300 destinations, the network enables you to book meeting rooms for 15 or more passengers on the airline. Passengers for two or more cities can avail this facility. 

How to Book Delta Group Travel?

Are you looking forward to Delta Airlines for Group Travel booking online? Simply follow some quick steps and get your booking done. Here’s how –

  • Open the Delta Airlines official website on the selected web browser.
  • Browse to reach “group travel”. 
  • You will be redirected to a group travel request form.
  • Enter the details required in the request form. 
  • There are 5 sections asking you to provide different details, which are –
  • Your group type
  • Customers details
  • Travel information
  • Special request. If any
  • Submit

Once you have submitted the form, Delta Airlines will send you an email with your group booking quotation. Confirm it. 

You have your ticket booked. Isn’t it quick! 

Book group travel offline with Delta Airlines

  • Dial the Delta Airlines group booking contact number – 800-532-4777.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR commands to connect with a customer service executive.
  • Share your flight booking details like – 
  • Destination
  • Number of passengers and their details
  • Preferred travel dates
  • Complete the payment. 

Moreover, you can have your queries answered immediately during an Delta airlines offline booking. 

Alternatively, you can book your group travel offline by calling at +1-855-239-7772.

Are there any Group Booking discounts by Delta?

Yes, there are discounts for travelers choosing Delta Group booking. Thereby, they can fly without burning a hole in their pockets. Thanks to the Delta group travel plan.

For more details, stay tuned to Delta’s official website. 

Terms and Conditions of Delta Group Booking

Every good thing comes with a set of rules. And the same is with Delta Group Travel. The facility has certain terms and conditions. Fret not. These are essential for a seamless travel and easy to abide by. Some of the important aspects you must be acquainted with before going for a group travel are – 

  • There shouldn’t be fewer than 10 members in your group ticket. 
  • Refrain from sorting by a single member. In such an instance, Delta will cancel your group ticket and your deposit won’t be refunded. 
  • Thereafter, you have to book an individual ticket for every passenger with the current flight fare.
  • To add any member to your ticket, an additional fee is charged along with the Delta flight ticket price.

Benefits of Group Travel with Delta Airlines

This is the best to know part of Group Travel that Delta Airlines offers. Isn’t it? After all, who doesn’t like to get benefits with services? Let’s have a look on the best ones – 

Customize Your Itinerary

Delta executives are on their toes to organize your group travel. Simply share your group details. They will immediately guide you.  

Incredible Discounts

Discounts are everyone’s favorite. And group booking brings you the same. Cut your travel expenses with great discounts. 

Simple Booking Process

The reservation steps are a breeze! A few clicks and your booking is confirmed. 

Reservation in one go

Group booking helps one person to handle everything. No need for individual reservations. So what are you waiting for? Group travel on your cards? Go for Delta Airlines Group Travel. And experience the difference.

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