How to Get a Delta Airlines Military Discount?


Delta airlines is one of the primary and oldest air carriers in the U.S, known for its world-class service. So if you are from the United Nations armed forces, you can travel with Delta and enjoy various benefits like discounts on vacation packages, special pet traveling allowances, and baggage allowance. To show their appreciation towards the armed forces of the U.S, they have also introduced the Delta airlines military discount. This discount can be availed by the United States air force, the Army, the Coast Guard, and the Naval and Marine corps.

Does Delta give a military discount?

Delta airlines have introduced a bundle of offers for U.S military personnel as a token of appreciation for their services.

Stay with us till the end of the article to learn more about the military discount policies and how to get a Delta military discount.

What is the Delta military discount policy?

Passengers must read a few policies outlined by Delta airlines for military personnel travel. Knowledge of these policies will make your travel more comfortable.

Discount Policy
Vacations discount Between $50 – $300
Bags Up to 5 bags check-in -if traveling on military orders

3 check-in bags – for personal travel

Medical travel discounted ticket Provided to Injured family member or domestic partner

The most worthwhile advantage of the discount is the Delta airlines military discount on luggage.

How to book a Delta vacation with a military discount?

Military discount has an array of features, including discounted vacation tickets. To book a Delta vacation, you need to do Delta airlines booking online. Follow the procedure mentioned below to book yourself a ticket.

Book online

  • Go to Delta airlines official webpage
  • Click on the option on the top right side of the page.
  • A new window will open with a form
  • Fill up the form carefully with all your details and enter your military email address
  • Submit the form duly filled out for booking Delta Airlines.
  • Delta airlines will send you a Delta eCertificate on your military email
  • You will receive a Delta airlines discount code and step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the military discount on the fare.

If you want more information on the military discount, feel free to connect with Delta customer service at 800-221-1212 or +1-855-239-7772. They are available 24/7 for their customers.

Book via customer Service:

Calling Delta customer Service is the quickest and the most convenient way to get all the answers to your military discount queries. To get the answer about Delta airlines military fares, glance at the below procedure to get the number of the Delta airlines representative from the Delta website.

  • Go to Delta official webpage
  • Click on the search option on the top right side of the page
  • Search for “special circumstances”
  • A link with the name “special circumstances” will appear to click on the link
  • Hit on “military travel” and then click on “military travel benefits”
  • Scroll down to “Flights for military members” and you will see the reservations number just below it.

Delta has made the booking process for Delta airlines military discounts uncomplicated and convenient. Military officers or their dependents can simply go online on their official website or call customer service at 800-221-1212 or +1-855-239-7772.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Delta military discount?

Delta airlines haven’t defined any specific amount or percentage of savings on the flight. It largely depends on the route of your trip, and the fare varies for each destination.

How can I get proof of a military discount?

You can redeem a military discount if you have identification proof from the state, such as:

  • Military ID card,
  • Dependent card for the military officer’s family members,
  • VA-issued identification card,
  • Veterans ID card,
  • Veterans designation,
  • Driver’s license, or
  • Locally issued veterans ID card

Who is considered a military family member?

All family members related by blood, marriage, or adoption to the current of the U.S armed forces, including the military personnel who are martyred or deceased.

How much is Delta Military Discount?

Delta offers a free checked bag along with a 10% discount on flights. This is offered to the customers who have served in the military or are currently serving. You can enjoy exceptional benefits with this military discount.

Does Delta Give Veterans Discounts?

We are pleased to provide military discounts on travel for active members of the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. It’s a gesture of gratitude from Delta Airlines. Additionally, we provide exclusive Delta VacationsTM U.S. Military policies on pet travel and more.

Are bags on Delta free for the retired military?

Your baggage may not exceed 80 linear inches (length + width + height), or 203 cm, per military orders.

How Do You Get a Military Discount with Delta?

Veterans and active duty service members are entitled to reduced airfare and free checked luggage, among other benefits. In Spanish | Veterans and active military personnel can receive savings on flights, checked luggage, and other expenses from a number of airlines. Check the airline’s website for the most recent information as offers are subject to change.

Is TSA PreCheck free for Veterans?

For members of the US military, PreCheck is free. As your “known traveller” number, simply enter the DOD ID number located on the back of your CAC. You can also utilize credit cards with benefits like TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

Does Delta let military passengers board first?

For instance, and this is only one, Delta has a pre-boarding policy whereby military personnel are invited to pre-board immediately before first class passengers, and just after anyone who needs help and anyone traveling with minors.

Is Delta Sky Priority available to the military?

When they fly with Delta Airlines, active-duty U.S. military personnel automatically receive top priority status.

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