What is Delta Airlines Name Change Policy? (Change Name on the Tickets)

Delta Airlines name change policy

Did you misspell your name while booking a Delta Airlines flight ticket? You can change your name on the flight as long as you have misspelled it or your name has changed legally since you booked your flight. The Delta Airlines name change policy allows you to change or correct a name on your itinerary, including spelling corrections and legal name changes. The airline has a specific set of rules that every passenger must abide by, and this includes making changes to a passenger’s name. Remember that you can never change the name to someone else’s, but make corrections that are legally possible. To understand the entire process, read the Delta name-changing policy ahead and make smooth corrections!

Can you change the name on a Delta flight?

Yes, you can. If you wish, you can request a Delta Airlines name change for a small fee. You can also change the name on the reservation by filling out the name change request form by Delta Airlines.
The airline has some rules and guidelines for customers who wish to make such changes. Find the subsections ahead to know the details and make easy name corrections. Always remember that you can never change a name to a different person; rather, you can make corrections for misspelt names or changes under law.

How Can I Know the Name Correction Policy Of Delta Airlines?

The Delta officials are updated and responsible enough to make you aware of the policies, before you board your Delta fight. Similarly, they help you with your name changing and correction also. But for that, you need to follow some policies and the following are given below for your reference:

  • Delta Airlines allows its customers to change their name on the document for free, but it should be done within 24 hours.
  • There are some charges that may be applicable after 24 hours. You need to pay those charges as required.
  • The delta name change and correction charges after 24 hours are $75 to $500. These charges may differ, as per your flight timings or routes.
  • The change or correction policy also depends on the time left for the flight and the passenger who’s traveling.

The above-curated Delta Airlines name change policy is applicable for domestic and international flights both. It inclines on the situation and which flight you choose to fly.

Are there any exceptions to Delta Airlines Name Change?

When you are changing or requesting a name change on Delta Airlines tickets, there may be some exclusions. If you want to make changes in that situation, you can request the Global Sales Support team for help.

  • When your flight is operated by any carrier other than Delta, you need to call them.
  • When you are traveling to or from China, the name change is not possible directly.
  • For any itinerary which includes travel from or to India.
  • If you want to change more than three characters in your name.
  • If you are requesting a name change again after already doing it once,

In case of the second-time name change, Delta may ask you to cancel your current ticket and reissue with the changes.

Is There a Way I Can Change My Last Name After Booking Delta Flight?

Concurrently, many of the passengers in hurry make mistakes in filling in their surnames or last names. They face issues regarding the boarding or verification process, so for that Delta brings the last name change policy, which conveniently helps the lost customers who are looking for a name change. Change your name by following the below policies.

  • You can change your name within 24 hours of the flight, but only up to 3 characters.
  • If your situation is unavoidable, and you want to change the name from more than 3 characters, then you can contact Delta Airlines customer service number. Or you can also visit the official website.
  • If you want to ask that; change my last name on the Delta ticket, then you can talk to a representative at Delta via the chat process.
  • You also need to change your last name in the PNR status as it is important for the verification and check-in process.
  • to change your last name on Delta, you don’t require a waiver code.

Traveling is important, and so is the identity that you carry while traveling. So, be careful while following Delta Airlines book a flight process. As you can not compromise with the wrong name on your ticket, Delta cares and will never let this happen to you. Please confirm your correct credentials before boarding and leaving as it may be problematic during both the time when you are traveling.

What is Delta’s Name Correction Policy for Domestic and International Flights?

If you have booked a ticket or the PNR ticketing is pending, you need to check the following rules before you request a name correction or minor changes to the names. These points apply to Delta Airlines name change correction policy for travel agents.

  1. The policy applies to worldwide Delta 006 ticket stock
  2. All flights for name changes should be under Delta or their connection carriers.
  3. Only one name-correction reissue is possible per passenger with a Delta ticket.
  4. The passenger can not change the name of the flight to a different person.
  5. The SFPD or secure flight passenger data on the ticket will remain the same as the initial reservation.

These are the basic rules. More depends on what you wish to correct on a Delta flight. You can dial the delta airlines name change phone number and speak to an expert agent for assistance regarding the same.

Correcting First or Middle Name With Delta Airlines

If traveler agents wish to make name corrections, they can do so to the middle or first name and then reissue the ticket with no waiver code. Here are the details:

  • Correction in the name on PNR
  • The new ticket will be reissued with no date or flight changes
  • No need for a waiver code

Correcting Last Name on Flights

These changes are limited to a maximum of three characters, and if you want to change more than three characters, call Delta customer service. You can correct the PNR Name, and there is no need for a waiver code.

Adding the last name with no change to a new name

You can change your name from Pamela to Pamela Anderson.

Correct the names in the PNR with no waiver code. To include a middle name or initial, you may need to call Delta Airlines department for help. You can even invert the first and last names on the ticket with the help of a travel agent or a Delta expert. You just need to check with the airline for more information before you directly go to the change request page.

How Can I Change My Name On Delta Airlines and What is The Process?

Most passengers are in a rush and fill in their names incorrectly while booking a flight. Some flights offer tedious methods and a chunk of price to change your name. But Delta Airlines booking offers name change for free if you do it within 24 hours of the booking.

You can follow the below steps to change the passenger name on the Delta Airlines ticket:

  • First, visit the official website of delta airlines.
  • Go to manage my travel section.
  •  Fill in your credential and last name, when you are on the next page.
  • Proceed by clicking next.
  • Select your preferred booking, in which you want to change the name.
  • You will be given 3 options to change; first is your itinerary, second is your flight details and 3rd is your credentials. Just skip right to the third part and change your name and everything.
  • Follow the instructions to change the Delta airlines name of the ticket.
  • Now confirm the ticket by clicking next and check your email id to receive a fresh ticket. Your name has changed now.

You are now verified and ready to fly comfortably, with Delta Airlines. Check whether your credentials are filled or not before boarding the flight.

What do you mean by legal name changes on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines can apply for a name change on their tickets for legal purposes, which may include marriage, divorce, or gender change. You can follow the below instructions if you wish to request a change in such situations.

  • You can present official documents by the government, like a legal notice or court order to request the name change.
  • You can address the issue by stating a valid reason to the Delta Airlines customer service team.
  • If you are making a change due to marriage, you need to provide all the documents, including your marriage certificate, to the airline.

Also, in case of divorce, you must submit the legal notice and divorce agreement with other crucial documents necessary for booking.

Can I Change my Name under Delta Skymiles Account Program?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows name changes under their Skymiles program and may need some legal documents. You can change the name on the account with Delta Airlines Skymiles, and all the corrections below are possible:

  • Changes in DOB, Gender, etc., are possible through government ID documents.
  • Skymiles also allows name changes due to marriage or divorce with proper documentation.
  • You can also request a name change in the middle names.

For more details on name changes, call an airline representative and get proper information on added rules and hidden clauses(if any).

How Can I Talk To a Delta Official About Changing My Name?

You can simply visit the Delta Airlines official website and confirm the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy number from there. You can also email us your name change query if you are looking for written proof. Resolve your name change problem by writing us a physical letter. Book now and fly smoothly with Delta Airlines.

What are the charges for making name corrections after 24 hours of booking?

Minor name corrections, like fixing spelling mistakes, are free of charge. However, significant name changes, such as switching passengers or revising names due to marriage or divorce, cost you extra. The fee for name change depends on the type of fare and their restrictions. Double-check with Delta Airlines or the travel agency that you booked with to see what their policies and fees are for making changes to a booking after it has already been made.

Are there any exceptions to the Delta Airlines name change policy?

Delta Airlines’ name change policy states that passengers are allowed to make a name change on their ticket if there is a spelling error in the name. However, if you want to change the name due to any other reason, you may have to cancel the ticket and book a new one. So, the major exception in their name change policy remains the same. If you want additional information, please speak to an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to change the name of Delta airlines?

Generally, it is done faster, but if it takes more time, it is done within 24 hours. Somehow, if it still looks that tedious, then you can log on to the official site of Delta Airlines and call on the customer service number for more info.

Can we change the name on the ticket that is already printed?

No, you cannot change the name on the ticket, which is already issued under a different name. To enquire more visit the official website of Delta airlines.

Is it ok if I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. But that may cost you some fee. The name change costs you some amount, and to check that you can visit the official site.

Does it take more than 24 hours to change the name on Delta Airlines?

When you change the name in the document, it takes 24 hours to get your name updated on the ticket. You can also call on 1 (800) 221-1212 to know more about the name change.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my flight?

Canceling your ticket within 24 hours of the booking can offer you a complete refund without any penalty. So if you want to cancel your tickets, just be planned to do it within 24 hours of the booking.

What amount is dedicated after canceling my delta flight?

Around 42 USD is deducted after the cancellation of the flight, which depends on the time of cancellation.

How much does Delta change to change the name on the ticket?

A $50 is waived off if you cancel at the last moment and the ticket is changed by reservation sales.

Can I change an airline ticket with a different name?

Due to safety reasons, you cannot change the name on the ticket that is already registered with a different name. You can contact the official website to know more about the same.