Delta Airlines Pet Policy- Fly With Your Beloved Pets on Delta!

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines Pet Policy- Can I Fly with my Pets on Delta Airlines?

Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters; every pet is dear to pet lovers. So, when flying somewhere, which takes more than one day, they bring their favorite animals/pets along. But, their concerned self always worries about their beloved pets, even when their flights are with Delta Airlines. Are you also concerned about the same? Check out Delta Airlines Pet Policy and make sure no harm comes in the way of your and your pet’s flight together.

Delta allows some dogs and cat breeds in the cabin and permits them to fly as cargo. It doesn’t matter if your friendly pet has furs; Delta Airlines pet policy is affectionate to your pets. Some pets can travel with you under the category of (very special) cargo. Categorically there are some pet policies that every traveler has to follow if they are carrying their pets with them.

So, before booking your flights with Delta Airlines, you can check the rules and important guidelines under Delta pet policy. This knowledge below will surely prove its benefits when you take your pets along.

What is Delta Airlines Pet Policy [2022]?

If you consider taking your pets in the cabin with Delta Airlines as a carry-on or more, you need to know the following rules for air travel in detail.

Delta Airlines Pet travel

  • Passengers easily transported small dogs, cats, and other domestic birds on domestic flights.
  • Delta Airlines did not allow the transfer of dogs in checked luggage due to COVID-19. Now, you can check Delta airlines Pet Policy 2022 for more details.
  • The animals must be comfortable, and their container must fit neatly under the front seat.
  • When military personnel is traveling on official business, they do allow pets.
  • Only cats and dogs are permitted in the cabin on foreign flights.
  • Depending on the route, the airline determines the pet carrier’s size.
  • Service animals and their owners are welcome to travel in the cabin for free.
  • The airline forbids you from bringing dangerous or canine breeds with nub noses.
  • A veterinarian must issue the travel permission certificate for your pet within ten days before the departure.

You can follow all the above rules or check out Delta airlines carry on pet policy to better understand the rules for bringing them on board.

Rules for Delta Pet Travel in Cargo

Delta Airlines offers a comprehensive dog policy, and passengers with their pets are offered complete security on the airplane.

  • Although big animals can fly with Delta Cargo, it’s unknown whether they’ll do it right away or after a day or two.
  • Large dogs can travel in cargo. You don’t need to worry about your pet, as your dog can sit and stand in the same place.
  • When scheduling domestic pet travel with Delta Cargo 14 days before departure, travelers are not allowed to bring pets.
  • Besides, you must bring your pet to the Delta Cargo station at least three hours before departure. The animal can be picked up at a Delta Cargo facility.
  • Only trustworthy shipping companies can deliver pets to Delta Cargo from abroad.

In-Cabin Pet Travel on Delta

Under Delta airlines’ cabin pet policy, the airline specifies a maximum number of animals that may fly. Due to this, you must follow these rules and take your feline/furry friends on the plane.

  • Most flights on the airline allow 4 dogs in the Main Cabin, 2 dogs in Business Class, and 2 dogs in First Class.
  • In addition, dogs traveling in the cabin do not need a health certificate, whereas large animals or those being sent as cargo must.
  • As a carry-on option, you can board small pets on your plane, but if you have a big dog, you might require some formalities to pass through.

You can even check-in with your pets. As checked-in baggage, you will be provided with a crate. In which you can carry your dog while checking in.

What are the Container requirements for Pets on Delta Flights?

  • Depending on the flight/plane, the carry-on pet container size may change.
  • The pet shouldn’t weigh more than 18 pounds, including the carrier or kennel (8 Kg).
  • Delta advises a soft-sided container with maximum dimensions not more than 18 in. x 11 in. x 11 in. because this size fits the majority of airplanes.
  • There may only be one pet per traveler in accordance with the Delta cargo regulation.
  • The dog must be tiny enough to fit inside the cage or container without touching or sticking up.
  • It must be easy for the pet to sit, stand, turn around, and lie down inside the carrier or container.
  • You must be able to fit the pet carrier or cage underneath the seat in front of you.

You can call Delta for more information on Delta airlines pet policies or check the requirements on their official website. The agent on the call will be a better option, however.

How Can I Fly With a Big Dog on Delta Airlines?

Learn some safe and cost-effective tips on how to board your large pet with you on Delta Airlines. All you need to do is figure out the dog flying policies with Delta and carry some important documents.

Given below are ways to carry your large dogs in the cabin:

  • As a carry-on option, you can board small pets on your plane, but if you have a big dog, you might require some formalities to pass through.
  • The dog should be 20lbs or less to fly with you on plane
  • As checked-in baggage, you will be provided with a crate. In which you can carry your dog while checking in.
  • Large dogs can travel in cargo. You don’t need to worry about your pet, as your dog can sit and stand in the same place.

So, it is good to know about flying with your big dog beforehand while making a Delta Airlines flight booking. It keeps you away from any last-minute hassles.

Which Documents Should I Carry While Traveling With My Dog?

The paperwork for carrying your furry partner is tedious, but Delta Airlines Dog policy makes this easy. You must carry some important papers to verify your pet’s safe journey. Here is some important information for the same that you should be aware of during your Delta airlines booking:

  • A good health certificate for your dog is required.
  • A veterinary inspection certificate is required before flying
  • You also need to show an acclimation certificate, that your dog can survive in a new climate and place.
  • Some countries require documents of dog vaccination for rabies and received treatment for tapeworms.

Before making a Delta reservation and traveling with your dog, ensure you know the above.

What Size Pet Can I Fly with Delta Airlines?

Size and age matter; when traveling on Delta Airlines, there is some Delta Airlines pet policy you must abide by before boarding a Delta flight.

  • The pet should be 10 weeks old if you are traveling domestically
  • Pet must be 16 weeks old to travel to the U.S. from any country and has to be a minimum of 15 weeks old to travel to the European Union.
  • You can carry one pet in the kennel, and there is no limit to carrying your pet in the litter.
  • You can carry one female cat/dog in the litter if the litter is 10 weeks to 6 months of age.
  • Consider Delta airlines pet policy international to understand the requirements for US pet travel.
  • The airline also allows carrying one female cat/dog in a pair if the pair is 10 weeks to 6 months of age.

Cabin kennel pets will be counted as one carry-on item, and you can bring one item while boarding your flight. The Delta Airlines Pet policy is counted all over domestic and international routes. The Delta Airlines Pet policy international is counted all over international routes. However, for domesticated pets, you need additional information regarding the same.

Can I Request a Call-back From Delta Airlines To Know Pet Policy?

Surely you can visit the Delta Airlines official website and click on the live chat option to connect with an available executive and request a callback service from Delta Airlines. A service team at the Delta help center answers your queries via emails and offers you a call-back option if you want to get in touch with Delta Airlines Live Person. Log on to Delta airline’s official website to learn more about Delta Airlines pet policy if you want to fly with your furry mate.

Wrapping Up: Pay the Pet Travel Fee and Bring Your pets on Delta Flights

Though the airline allows the customers to bring pets with them as they wish, it costs them a certain fee. The passengers can pay a per-way flight fee for pets which is usually asked at check-in. Once they clear this fee and follow the Delta airlines pet travel policy, they can easily travel with their beloved animals/pets. The fee usually varies between 95 and 200 USD depending on the city you wish to travel to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the size of my dog while traveling on Delta Airlines?

Two dogs or cats of the same size, can be carried in the same crate. The pet should be less than 6 months of age, and should not weigh more than 2o pounds. To know more about the Delta pet policy, visit the official website.

Can I carry my dog on my lap in Delta Cabin?

Pets on delta should fit in the kennel provided to you, and the kennel should fit under the seat in front of you. For more basic and detailed knowledge contact Delta pet policy number.

Does Delta allow pets currently?

Currently, pets are allowed, but it depends on a first-come, first-serve basis. If, you want to know more about Delta pet policy. Contact the official website for more information.

What is the pet weight restriction on Delta airlines?

There is no such weight restriction on Delta airlines. But the pet should be carried in a kennel and it should have proper ventilation when you keep it in front of the seat.

Can we carry pets in the first-class of Delta Airlines?

The Delta pet policy is based on a first come first serve basis. There are 2 pets allowed in business class, 2 pets in First class, and 4 pets in the Delta main cabin. You call on Delta customer service number to learn more about the Delta pet policy.

Does my pet need a health certificate on Delta?

Delta does not require a health certificate, but some airlines and some destinations require a health certificate for your pet flying with you.

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