How Can I Know More About Delta Airlines Pet Policy?

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

It doesn’t matter if your friendly pet has furs, Delta Airlines pet policy is affectionate to your pets. Some pets can travel with you under the category of (very special) cargo. Categorically there are some pet policies that every traveler has to follow if they are carrying their pets with them.

What Size Pet Can I Fly with Delta Airlines?

Size and age do matter, when it comes to traveling on Delta Airlines, there is some Delta Airlines pet policy you need to abide by before boarding a Delta flight.

  • The pet should be 10 weeks old if you are traveling domestically
  • Pet must be 16 weeks old to travel to the U.S from any country and has to be a minimum of 15 weeks old to travel to the European Union.
  • You can carry one pet in kennel and there is no limit of carrying your pet in litters.
  • You can carry one female cat/dog in the litter if the litter is 10 weeks to 6 months of age.

Cabin kennel pets will be counted as one carry-on item, and you are allowed to bring one of your items while boarding your flight. The Delta Airlines Pet policy is counted all over domestic and international routes.

Which Documents Should I Carry While Traveling With My Dog?

The paperwork for carrying your furry partner is very tedious, but Delta Airlines Dog policy makes this easy for you. You merely need to carry some important papers if you want to verify your pet’s safe journey with you. Here is some important information for the same:

  • A good health certificate of your dog is required.
  • A veterinary inspection certificate is required before flying
  • You also need to show an acclimation certificate, that your dog is fit to survive in a new climate and new place.
  • Some countries require documents of dog vaccination for rabies and received treatment for tapeworm.

How Can I Fly With a Big Dog on Delta Airlines?

Learn some safe and cost-effective tips on, How to board your large pet with you on Delta Airlines? All you need to do is figure out the dog flying policies with Delta and carry some important documents.

Given below are ways to carry your large dogs in the cabin:

  • As a carry-on option, you can board small pets on your plane, but if you have a big dog then, you might require some formalities to pass through.
  • The dog should be 20lbs or less, to fly with you on plane
  • As checked-in baggage, you will be provided with a crate. In which you can carry your dog while checking in.
  • Large dogs can travel in cargo. You don’t need to worry about your pet, as your dog has the facility to sit and stand in the same place.

Comprehensive dog policy is offered by the delta airlines and passengers with their pet are offered complete security on the airplane.

Can I Request a Call-back From Delta Airlines To Know Pet Policy?

Surely you can visit the Delta Airlines official website and click on the live chat option, to connect with an available executive, and request a call back service from Delta Airlines. There is a service team at the Delta help center that answers your queries via emails and offers you a call-back option if you want to get in touch with Delta Airlines Live Person. Log on to Delta airline’s official website to know more about Delta Airlines pet policy if you want to fly with your furry mate.

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