What is The Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy For My Kid?

delta unaccompanied minor policy

Some rules and a lot of care for your child are what Delta seeks while offering the unaccompanied minor policy. You can board your minor with us, and relax that your kid is in safe hands. Our Delta unaccompanied minor policy is inclusive and covers all the security procedures for your child, while he or she is with us on board.

If your kid is less than 5 years, then they cannot travel as unaccompanied minors in any case. Given below are some unaccompanied minor policies of delta for your reference:

  • Your kid is offered trackable wristbands that help you to navigate your kid’s movement and activities.
  • Don’t worry, because there is a dedicated Delta official assigned for your kid. The Delta official accompanies your minor, throughout the flight for taking care of and keeping your child out of boredom.
  • There is an allocated sky zone lounge for kids at Delta airlines, to keep your kiddos busy. They can interact and play in the sky zone lounge in their leisure time.
  • 4 years and younger are not allowed as solo flyers on Delta airlines.
  • 5-7 years can travel on non-stop flights, but their fee is $150 for each trip. Not more than 4 can board at one time.
  • Kids between 8-14 years, may travel on nonstop and connecting flights. Their fee is $150 on each side, and 4 kids can travel at a time.
  • If the child is between 15-17 years, they can travel on nonstop and connecting flights. The fee is the same $150 each way, and more than 4 kids cannot travel at a time.

The above Delta unaccompanied minor policy is compulsory, and to make sure your child is safe Delta airlines minor policy offers what’s best is possible. This is for your child’s safety and comfort.

How Many and What Documents Do I Need To Carry For an Unaccompanied Minor?

When you visit the airport, you need to visit the pickup and drop station of your unaccompanied minor. There your kid will be given a wristband to wear, through which you can track his or her movement. After that, the documentation for check-in will be started, where you need to carry the following documents of your unaccompanied minor:

  • An id with a photo, such as; a passport, license, etc.
  • Address proof, as similar in photo id.
  • A working and genuine contact number to connect in an emergency.
  • The name, address, and phone number of the adult that will receive/accompany your minor at the destination airport.

While making a Delta Airlines booking for your unaccompanied minor, you need to instruct your kid for safety and his/her needs. They should only talk and ask for help from a Delta executive at the airport or in the cabin.

How Can I Request a Travel Recommendation at Delta for Minors?

Assuring your child’s safety is a priority, and following the safety manual by parents is what we want. At Delta airlines we recommend certain tips that you should tell your kids before they board Delta airlines. Given below are those tips:

  • Tell your kids to talk only, to a delta executive at the airport and the cabin for any sort of help.
  • Remind them, not to leave the gate area, until any delta official arrives.
  • Tell your kids to Carry certain books, entertainment stuff, and snacks with them while traveling.
  • Tell them to carry a single or carry-on backpack bag, so that nothing leaves behind.
  • There should be an id card and address [roof attached to your kid’s bag for their identity.
  • A big checked suitcase, that can easily be carried by your kid and the adult that will be accompanying them after their flight.

If you still have queries regarding this process, you can visit the official website of Delta airlines and request a call back service to talk to a Delta representative. But in some cases, the parents get furious about their child’s safety and ask a question; How how do I contact the Delta live person? The answer is simple, as you can find Delta’s Customer service number i.e 18002211212 at the official site of Delta. If you do not wish to call on the number, you can chat with a Delta representative about Delta unaccompanied minor policy. Visit Delta Airlines for chat service.

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