How Do I Get Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance At The Airport?

How Do I Get Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance At The Airport?

Delta airlines wheelchair assistance

Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance – How do I fly with my Mobility Device on Delta?

Traveling with a passenger with special needs? Fret not, as the Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Policy has got you covered. The airline takes special care of physically challenged travelers and offers immediate wheelchair assistance to make their trip convenient and effortless.

Passengers can request the Delta wheelchair facility online, via My Trips, or over the phone. However, please be mindful that the airline supports limited wheelchairs on the aircraft, so you should book the service in advance. Curious to know more about Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Policy? Continue scrolling the page and find everything you need to know about the same.

How Much Fee Do I Need To Pay At Delta For a Wheelchair Service?

To be honest, there are no such fees in case you are taking a wheelchair assistance Delta. But there are some formalities that you need to fulfill before taking Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance. The formalities for a wheelchair service are given below:

  • A dedicated mobility device handling form is needed to be filled for carrying a wheelchair or a scooter.
  • Hardcopy the form and carry it in a plastic sheet or a laminated print for future and repeated use.
  • Place the form on the wheelchair or the scooter and paste it on the back of the chair, while traveling.
  • Just check your wheelchair or scooter at the gate or the ticket counter. As the customers elect for a wheelchair, only to roam within the airport.
  • For the information, those who are searching for Delta wheelchair assistance costs. They should be happy to know that there is no fee for this.

The above personal wheelchair services might differ according to the terms and conditions or availability.

Any Tips I Can Get For Traveling On a Flight With a Wheelchair?

There are no such rules or tips for traveling on a flight with a wheelchair, but some people might be new to taking this service. So here are some tips for them, to take reference from while traveling with such conditions:

  • Always talk to the airline or TSA care support before boarding a flight with a wheelchair. This will ease the hassle you face, during the time of traveling.
  • Carry enough catheters while traveling so you do not get short of them. Always carry all the medical supplies needed.
  • When you are a differently abled traveler, then always know your rights and compensation that you can get as a wheelchair traveler. This will help you to travel easily by saving your time during the trip.
  • Customize your emergency repair kit for the wheelchair, as it might cut the hassle that you suffer due to the breaking of your wheelchair.
  • Recline your chair to an extreme, so that it can fit in the cargo easily.
  • Switch the brakes off, so that any assistance can easily escort you to the flight, by pushing the wheelchair.
  • Ensure to turn off the control panel, so that your wheelchair turns to manual mode. This can help the escort to push you manually and control you to the flight cabin.
  • To assure that the wheelchair is completely safe, just wrap the joystick tightly with bubble wrap. Pull the joystick control inwards.
  • Kindly attach the manual to the wheelchair, this will convey the message to everyone. That you are a special passenger and need extra care while traveling.

Taking the above tips in your thoughts, before traveling with a wheelchair will assist you rightly. Or you can also call the wheelchair on Delta flight assistance number for further help.

How Do I Request a Wheelchair On Delta Airlines?

Requesting a wheelchair for a differently abled traveler is very easy on delta airlines. You just visit the official website or call on Delta airlines wheelchair assistance number i.e 1 (800) 221-1212. You can also follow the below-given steps for your reference:

  • Open Delta airlines official website on your computer or any accessible device.
  • At the top of the website, you will find the ‘My Trip’ option. Click on that option.
  • Enter the last name and the booking information details on that page.
  • After confirmation of the details, you will get your flight bookings with Delta airlines.
  • To take wheelchair assistance on delta airlines, fill out a form at the special assistance option, under the wheelchair disability category.
  • In the form, you need to fill in the necessary details and confirm the details by submitting the required documents.
  • An email is done to you for the confirmation of your wheelchair assistance.

Follow the above references, or you can also visit the official website to fetch the Delta airlines wheelchair assistance number, for a detailed inquiry. Log on to the Delta official site to learn more about your flight bookings and wheelchair assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed to take wheelchairs on Delta airlines?

We offer the packing of foldable/ adjustable wheelchairs on the board, but before that, you need to fill out the special form for wheelchair service.

What is the charge for taking Delta wheelchair assistance?

There is no such change for wheelchair assistance on the Delta, but before that, you need to fill out the medical form and other formality forms to take the wheelchair assistance.

Do I need to schedule my wheelchair assistance on the Delta before boarding?

You need to login into My trips on the official website, to request the wheelchair service. Or you can also call on 1 (800) 221-1212, to enquire more about wheelchair assistance.

Is there any tip I can provide for a wheelchair attendant?

Yes, never forget to thank the attendant with a tip of 3-5 USD, who carries you to the cabin in a wheelchair. This creates goodwill from both sides.

How can I take special or wheelchair assistance at the airport?

There’s a dedicated assistance point, at the airport where you can request special help by telling your needs and queries accordingly.

How to add a disability on my Delta flight?

You can add a disability option to your delta ticket just by calling on the customer service number or visiting the official website. The official customer number is 1 (800) 221-1212.

How can I get wheelchair assistance once I reach the airport?

Once you reach the airport, you can request the airline official or the airport attendant for a wheelchair. Your old chair will be packed and you will be given a new chair according to your need and the size allowed on the cargo.

Where can a diable person sit in the airport?

According to the flight attendant and airport officials, it is best to sit on the front row of the airport sitting section. This makes it easy for the passenger to board.

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